Studying a postgraduate degree is an exciting step in your academic journey and can help progress your career. We understand that many students have pre-existing commitments that can impact the way you study –  perhaps you’re a parent with a young child, or have a fulltime job?

To allow more people to realise their academic goals, we’ve got a range of study options for students from the UK or EU, so that you can pick what’s best for you at Ulster University.

Daytime study

All of our full-time courses that are taught at our London and Birmingham branches have daytime study options. If you choose this mode of study, you’ll normally have two to three days of classes a week, but the specific days when classes are held will be confirmed when you are given your timetable at enrolment.

Best for…

  • Those who have just completed full-time college or sixth form – the typical standard demographic of students
  • People with part-time jobs – If you work evenings, weekends, or both, then this can be a good option for you to both study and continue with your job.

Evening and weekend study

If you’re a UK or EU student who’s looking to study a master’s at our London and Birmingham campuses, then perhaps an evening and weekend mode of study would be an ideal fit for you. This option is comprised of two evening classes during the week (Monday – Friday), and weekly classes on a Saturday.

With this mode of study, you’re required to attend 12 hours of classes per week on campus, and an additional 23-30 hours of self-study per week. Your average week on campus could look like this:

2 evenings per week: 5.45pm – 8.30pm

1 Saturday per week: 9.30am – 3.00pm

Best for…

  • Working professionals – If you have a full-time job that requires you to work standard office hours (IE 9am – 5pm) and days (Monday – Friday) then studying evenings and weekends could be the perfect route for you
  • Parents – Depending on your situation, this study route may also be suitable for parents. If you’re a parent whose partner works regular office hours, then they may be able to mind your child in the evenings and weekends whilst you study

What course can I study evening and weekend?

There are evening and weekend study options available to most postgraduate courses, including:

Extended MSc International Business

Extended MSc Marketing

MSc International Business

MSc Marketing


Does Student Finance apply for evening and weekend study?

Evening and weekend study is exactly the same delivery as a daytime programme, and so is still considered a full-time course. Because of this, and as a UK or EU student, you’re eligible to apply for a postgraduate loan via Student Finance England. Please visit for more information.

Can I use campus facilities outside of my hours?

Yes. As an evening and weekend study student, you’ll have the same access and support as students studying during the week. All of our campuses have flexible open hours allowing you to enhance your studies.

Hopefully this has given you some idea of which mode of study may work best for you.

For more information on our courses or how to apply please do get in touch.