From September 2019, our portfolio of postgraduate programmes is going to expand – MSc International Business with Data Analytics course will be available at our London & Birmingham Campuses. Upon completion of this programme, students will develop expertise in different business practices found all over the world, with particular specialism in e-business and data analytics.

Global Economy & Data Usage Growth

The world is on a constant growth path. International trade is continuously growing and is set for further growth in the coming years, with new players getting to the top of the largest economies group (one of which is India – which is predicted to overtake UK’s place by 2020). The amount of data we generate is also astonishing – with 2.5 quintillion bytes created each day – and this number is predicted to rise too. Therefore, a good understanding of global business operations and data analytics skills have become extremely valuable in today’s job market, especially in an international business context.

Modules taught on the course cover leading international business theory that is explored in case studies, showing how these apply in practice – leaving graduates well prepared to work in a globalised, dynamic business environment. As the data economy becomes more established, the need for data visualisation skills grows. The Data Analytics for International Business module provides students with on-demand business intelligence and analytics skills.

Final research will enable students to apply the theoretical concepts encountered in the program to a real-life management issue relating to data analytics.

Career Opportunities

Analysts speculate that data has overtaken oil as the world’s most valuable resource. For business graduates with a data analytics specialism, this means plenty of career opportunities.

Graduates can find employment in industries such as international finance, consultancy, and international marketing (with possible job titles including Business Analyst, International Business Executive, Purchasing Manager or Management Consultant), with the average UK starting salary at £29,000. Alternatively, the skills learned on the programme provide the perfect platform to begin their career as entrepreneurs. Knowledge and understanding of management practices in various countries also give great international career opportunities.

This master’s is also available with an Advanced Practice study option that includes either an internship or an applied group consultancy project. This study option provides students an opportunity to gain real-world business and workplace experience and stand out amongst the competition in the international business sector.

To find out more about this programme, visit the course page or enquire with the team who are always happy to help.