We are proud to launch the Pre-Sessional Standard and Pre-Sessional Plus programmes this summer. With start dates in June and July, these programmes will give students who lack the English language requirement of their chosen degree, but meet the academic requirements, the chance to study.

Depending on English language level, there are two entry points. The Plus, which lasts for 11 weeks and begins in June, or the Standard, which lasts 7 weeks and begins in July. This allows those with IELTS 5.0 (or equivalent) the chance to progress onto undergraduate or postgraduate study.

These programmes will develop your academic skills, help you integrate into British culture and enhance your study skills. On top of this, you are supported by experienced academics who have a background in improving academic English for international students.

Academic skills

The academic skills you need to succeed are very much integrated, with each supporting the other. For example, as a student you’ll need to be able to write academically, but to know what to write about you’ll need to be able read academic texts. To communicate the ideas from your reading and writing, you’ll need to speak academically, whilst also listening in lectures and seminars to develop your ideas.

The Pre-Sessional programmes develop these skills holistically through a range of teaching methods, from lectures and seminars to tutorials, project work, group work and directed study. Each of these will enhance each skill, with the guidance of an experienced tutor.

British culture

As an international student, the academic and student life of your home country is likely to be very different to studying here. To leave you best placed to grasp the opportunities that come with studying in the UK, the Pre-Sessional programmes introduce you to British culture and provides a great understanding of university systems, services and facilities.

Study skills

Heavily linked with developing your academic skills, being equipped with study skill is essential for academic work, and securing easy marks. Studying on either Pre-Sessional will teach you how to use an academic library, access scholarly articles and how to reference in your work.

Use your tutor

Lastly, the programme integrates a personal tutor who works with you to monitor your progress. These tutors are experienced in improving the English language standards of international students, so use them!

You will meet with your tutor regularly, giving you the chance to focus on particular areas needing improvement. Given their experience, these tutors can give you expert advice and techniques on how to improve your academic and study skills.

The Pre-Sessional Standard programme is available to students whose IELTS are 5.5, if you require extra support, the Pre-Sessional Plus is available for those with IELTS 5.0.

Please visit the course pages for more information.