What will be in your winter holiday survival kit? It’s week 11 of the 12 weeks of Christmas and we’ve officially reached the point where parents are running out of elf on the shelf ideas! On a serious note, after a challenging 2020, it’s almost time for a well-deserved break with your loved ones.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to keep your little ones entertained over the holidays, check out our recommendations for the best Christmas activities for kids below. We’d love to see you get involved! Send us your creations on Facebook here.

Finger painting: DIY wrapping paper

Who doesn’t love unleashing their inner child and getting messy with paint every once in a while? With Christmas around the corner, test your creative skills by making your own finger-painted wrapping paper.

  1. Buy a roll of brown craft paper and cut to size using scissors.
  2. Set out your yellow paint on a paper plate and press your thumb down into it until the surface of your thumb is covered in paint.
  3. Press down your thumb on to the brown paper to leave an oval-shaped print.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the brown paper is covered evenly leaving roughly a 2-inch gap in between each print.
  5. Leave your paint to dry for 2-3 hours.
  6. Once dry, take out your marker pens and draw antlers, two dots for eyes and a red nose on each thumbprint to make mini reindeer.

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Pringles Baubles

Have you packed in the diet ready for a Christmas treat? Maybe the cupboard is stocked full of festive snacks for the family. Are you a fan of Pringles? Here’s how you can make custom baubles out of Pringles lids!

  1. Take off the lid from your finished with Pringles. Disregard the rest of the can.
  2. Take out your sharpies and decorate your lid as you wish!
  3. Thread a needle with some cotton (around 3 inches long) in the colour of your choice.
  4. Thread the needle through the top of the lid until the cotton is through the other side.
  5. Take off the needle and tie the cotton in a loop ready to hang on your tree!

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Christmas Yarn Hats

Are you still getting through all the toilet rolls you stocked-up on at the beginning of lockdown!? Luckily, you can put your finished loo roll tubes to good use with this fun winter hat activity.

  1. Wrap wool around the length of your mobile phone until the phone is completely wrapped in wool.
  2. Cut through all of the wool at one end so you have multiple strands of wool the same length.
  3. Cut a piece off the end of a toilet roll tube to form the brim of the hat.
  4. Double-up pieces of wool to create a loop at one end.
  5. Wrap each strand individually around the brim to form a knot.
  6. Repeat the process until the brim of the hat is full.
  7. Push the yarns inside the tube to neaten the edge and tie with a thin piece of string.
  8. Cut off any excess to create a bobble for your hat.

For full instructions, check out this page.