In our recent sit down with Ayodeji, a Nigerian student studying MSc International Business with Data Analytics, he shares the transformative experiences our students undergo during their academic journey.

Hi, I’ am Ayodeji, and my first encounter with QA Higher Education is when I decided to transition from a science background to pursuing a degree that aligns with my passion for business and international trade.

I had initially obtained degrees in theology and exploration geology. However, I eventually felt the need to pursue bigger dreams and explore a career in international business. This decision arose from my desire to delve into the world of trades and bilateral relations between countries. By choosing international business as my field of study, I gained a profound understanding of the digital landscape, contextual business practices, and much more.

My turning point—the moment I realised I wanted to switch from geology to international business. I had a burgeoning interest in business studies and financial accounting during my previous studies. This sparked a passion within me. And, while my professors suggested I pursue science due to my strong performance in that area, I felt drawn towards the world of business and management. Managing my own family business further reinforced this desire to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for running a successful enterprise profitably and efficiently.

My choice to study at Ulster University, Birmingham, stems from my desire to engage with diverse communities and cultures. Birmingham’s vibrant multicultural environment offers me the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds, including Indian, Afro-British, African, Caribbean, and Asian communities. I personally feel this exposure enriches my learning experience, allowing me to expand my cultural understanding and build global connections. Furthermore, Birmingham’s artistic and heritage-rich atmosphere aligns perfectly with my passion for photography, enabling me to explore the city’s unique landscapes and structures, such as the Shakespeare Library and the museum.

A culmination of Ulster University’s track record for academic excellence, combined with its supportive and culturally diverse community, captured my attention while searching for the right school. I was impressed by the university’s rise in the rankings, which exemplified its commitment to providing a high-quality education.

Ulster University, Birmingham has fostered a nurturing environment for me, where I can pursue my academic and personal goals. The curriculum in international business with data analytics has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a global business landscape. Additionally, the multicultural setting in Birmingham has allowed me to broaden my horizons and connect with people from all walks of life. I have personally found the amalgamation of these factors to have brought remarkable value to my personal and professional life.

Ayodeji’s journey serves as a testament to the value of studying at our university. It exemplifies how our institution empowers students to pursue their passions, embrace diversity, and develop the necessary expertise to excel in their chosen fields.