I would like to share my experience, as a former student of QA Higher Education.

I made the decision to study at this university because of its prime location in Holborn, a central area in London. Being new to the city, I was attracted to the idea of studying in a vibrant and bustling location with plenty of shops and a professional atmosphere. Additionally, the university had an excellent reputation, which was confirmed by the positive reviews I found during my research. 

My experience at QA Higher Education surpassed my expectations. I was impressed by the level of diversity among my classmates, and the friendly and supportive staff. The highlight of my time at the university was being selected as the class representative during my first term, which allowed me to witness the dedication of the staff to ensure that everyone was supported and encouraged to participate. 

What impressed me the most was the university’s commitment to listening to students’ concerns. The CEO of the institution, Simon Nelson, was open to feedback and willing to take action to address student grievances. This level of transparency and communication made me feel valued as a student.


The quality of education at QA Higher Education was also exceptional. The lectures and seminars were engaging and interactive, and the use of tools such as MIRO and Kahoot made the learning experience more enjoyable. I appreciated the emphasis on practical application of the concepts learned in class, which helped me understand and retain the information better. 

After completing my degree, I was interviewed by the former QA Higher Education COO and the Head of Digital Transformation for an opportunity to project manage the Applicant Portal and utilise my previous experience using the system as a student. I saw it as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the student experience and gratefully accepted the Project Manager role. Overall, my experience at QA Higher Education was outstanding, and I highly recommend this institution to anyone seeking quality education in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

My advice to my fellow graduates is to be an inspiration to many more aspiring young or adult individuals, be a model and empower others, showing them that race, ethnicity, age, and skills should never prevent anyone from furthering education in a foreign country such as the UK.