This September we are proud to offer students an Advanced Practice option with our postgraduate business courses; MSc International Business, MSc Marketing, including Extended versions of these, and the MBA.

This new addition to these programmes will suit students who would like the opportunity to develop their skills and push their personal boundaries. It will put their learning into practice and enhance their professional prospects as they enter the competitive job market after graduation.

The Advanced Practice will give students the chance to gain valuable workplace environment experience, which can later be applied to any industry after graduation. This study option provides students with an excellent opportunity to experience working in the UK.

What is a Masters with Advanced Practice?

The Advanced Practice is a 15-week Internship & Professional Development Project or Applied Consulting Project incorporated into the standard business Masters programmes offered here at Ulster. Students undertaking an internship will experience a workplace environment, produce reflective reports and take part in a project where they can apply previously learnt theoretical concepts to a real-life industry issue. Students keen to take on the applied consulting project will gain experience working with clients, sticking to budgets and deadlines, carrying out research and delivering consultancy on a previously identified issue.

This means the University gives students the opportunity to work with a real organisation on live business problems. Whilst this undoubtedly means students will gain invaluable experience, it’s important to note that the internship may be paid or unpaid and is sourced through the students themselves or our in-house careers team.

Why should I do an Advanced Practice?

It is undeniable that students with in-work experience have an employment advantage. Don’t just take our word for it, The Confederation of British Industry has said many organisations increasingly demand workplace experience as a pre-requisite for employment.

During this additional semester, students will gain highly regarded skills that can be added to their CV and stand them out in a competitive job market. Tangible work experience makes for a desirable job applicant as it becomes increasingly important for students and graduates to have demonstrable work experience when applying for roles.

Also, the non-Extended Advanced Practice programmes can be studied through evening and weekend study, offering greater flexibility for students with busy schedules.

How does it work?

Students will do the Advanced Practice in their penultimate semester of their degree, which means they will be able to reflect on their enhanced knowledge of workplace experience and industry considerations to facilitate the completion of their dissertations or final projects.

The Advanced Practice is offered alongside two Pre-Masters degrees, Extended MSc International Business and Extended MSc Marketing. This means doing a Masters with Advanced Practice is more inclusive given the Pre-Masters programmes allow for lower entry requirements.

All the degrees now offering the Advanced Practice option are available in both London and Birmingham, except for the MBA which is only available in London, whilst there are start dates in September, January and May.

For more information, please visit the course pages below:

If you want to improve your CV and learn some invaluable workplace skills alongside a degree, enquire now.