Today is A-Level Results Day.

The word ‘Clearing’ is being discussed left, right and centre but what does it mean? Clearing is when lots of students confirm where they’ll be studying in September and is also a great time to see what other options there are.

Whether your results confirm your university place, or not, Clearing may still be for you and here’s why…

Clearing Week is useful if:

  • You’ve changed your mind since making your 5 UCAS choices
  • You haven’t quite met the conditions of your offers from Results Day
  • You haven’t found the right course beforehand. There may be something better suited for you in Clearing that wasn’t available before.
  • You got better grades than your predictions. You may be able to get a place on a different course at a university that asks for higher grades.

If any of these apply to you then Clearing Week is a fantastic opportunity to see what else is out there!

How to make the most of Clearing Week:

  • Be open to change. You could end up taking a completely different course.
  • Call the university. Contact as many universities as you like to discuss courses and whether your application can be considered.

Things to consider:

  • Course specifics – Look into things like placements and how the course is assessed.
  • Facilities – Make sure the facilities offered match your needs and requirements.
  • Location – Cities like London and Birmingham are known for their diverse and vibrant atmosphere and with such a huge number of international students, wherever you’re from, you’ll feel at home.

You’re done, have a victory dance. Hello to dreams coming true!