Are you considering coming to the UK to study at postgraduate level?

Do you want to further your career and improve your job prospects, change career paths entirely, or improve your knowledge and specialise in a particular subject.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then studying a Masters degree at Ulster University London and Birmingham could be the perfect choice for you!

Apart from being a top 30 UK university (Guardian University Guide 2023) and in the top 25 for quality of teaching and student experience (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023), we also offer the opportunity to start your studies at the beginning of the UK’s summertime!

But why study in May?

Most universities follow the traditional September intake model for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, but have you considered starting your studies in May instead?

At Ulster University London and Birmingham, we do things a little differently. We offer prospective students the choice of multiple intakes to help them choose the right one for their circumstances and preferences.

There are a whole range of benefits to starting your studies in May, particularly in vibrant UK cities like London and Birmingham. We’ve chosen our top 5 reasons to start a Masters degree in May, which offer a unique blend of academic and experiential opportunities.

1. Beat the September application rush and improve your graduate opportunities.

By starting your studies earlier, you’ll also graduate earlier. This means that whilst most other students studying in the UK are still completing their Masters degree, you’ll be applying for graduate positions with, potentially, less competition.

What’s more, as most UK universities only offer one intake (in September/October), you could benefit from avoiding the rush and competition that accompanies this. By applying for an earlier intake, you could secure a place on your degree of choice without having to contend with the huge influx of applications that typically occurs for September enrolments.

This could give you a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on preparing for your studies and completing the visa application process rather than worrying about admission deadlines and a greater competition for limited spaces.

2. Less stressful transition to life in the UK

What better time to move to the UK and begin your studies than in the late spring, early summer, when the weather is warmer, and the days are brighter and longer?

Moving to a whole new country and studying in a new environment can be daunting and potentially stressful at times. On top of the amazing support we offer international students, by starting your studies in May you’ll benefit from nature being in full bloom, the days getting brighter, longer, and warmer. All of which could contribute to reduced stress levels and a much calmer transition, making the process of settling into your new academic environment at Ulster University London and Birmingham smoother and more enjoyable.

3. Access to summer events and activities

By moving to the UK in May, you’ll be able to throw yourself into summer events and activities, making new friends and having new experiences along the way and immersing yourself in your new environment when outdoor events, festivals, and cultural activities are in full swing.

What better way to discover your new city and settle in than by checking out the local summer markets, attending summer concerts or theatre performances, meeting new friends in pub gardens after a day of studying, or visiting local attractions or parks on a sunny day? From exploring world-class museums, nature parks, and historic locations to eating tasty and diverse foods from a range of multi-cultural restaurants and vendors, coming to the UK in May offers so many opportunities to engage with the local community and make the most of your time outside of the classroom.

Visit London and Visit Birmingham have some great ideas on how to enjoy both cities in the summer months and there is plenty more to see and do across the country, giving you plenty of opportunities to experience everything the UK has to offer.

4. Meet other international students and make new friends

Many students from all over the world choose to study in the UK in the summer, which makes it a great time to start a Masters degree at Ulster University London and Birmingham and meet other international students that are in the same boat as you.

Making friends when you first start university can shape your entire experience, but this can sometimes be a challenge. With warmer weather and more going on, students are more likely to be sociable and experience what summer in the UK has to offer, making it easier to make friends!

So many great, lifelong friendships are formed during classes, sipping coffee in a local café, exploring new places, attending local events, or taking part in activities, and cities like London and Birmingham are the perfect place to make plenty of friends.

The Student Activities Association (SAA) at Ulster University London and Birmingham organise plenty of events throughout the year and are there to support students throughout their time at university.

Starting your studies in May and meeting other international students doing the same allows you to embrace the social aspect of studying in a large city in the summer and make friends for life.

5. Summer work experience opportunities

One of the great things about starting your studies in May is that, during the spring and summer months, there are plenty of part-time work experience opportunities you could take advantage of in the UK.

On top of that, living and studying in a major city like London or Birmingham could offer the potential to work in an industry directly related to your field of study or the career path you are interested in pursuing. There may even be the potential opportunity of a summer internship placement during the summer vacation period too!

If this interests you, please bear in mind that there are certain restrictions that apply to a Student visa, including how much you are allowed to work. You will be told what you can and cannot do if your visa application is successful.


Starting your Masters degree at Ulster University London and Birmingham in May offers so many incredible advantages that could both enhance your academic experience as well as help you make the most of your time in the UK. So why wait?

May is the month to take the plunge and start your studies!

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