London is one of the most active cities in the entire world. It attracts many people from overseas to live, work and study, mostly because of the added benefits you get from spending time in the city. More specifically, it offers a great environment to study a postgraduate degree, offering unique learning and commercial opportunities.

Move up a career level

Anyone who studies in London will feel the optimism of working in a commercially driven city. The success of nearby businesses and individuals makes people want to progress up the career ladder.

Studying a postgraduate degree will help you add to your CV and standout above the rest while applying for more senior job roles. A Masters degree gained in London is highly regarded throughout the world, which will make you a desirable asset for any business.

Contribute to your field of expertise

The majority of students studying a Masters degree feel a sense of responsibility to explore and understand new areas of their chosen subject. At our London branch campus, students get the opportunity to study in small classes alongside people with different backgrounds, but with the same passion for their area of study. This helps people to work together and develop, while creating new perspectives and challenging each other, all valuable skills for your career progression.

Ultimately, many students continue to share ideas and learnings after they have finished their postgraduate degree.

Help, support and amenities

As a modern metropolitan city, London provides its inhabitants with everything they need to thrive. Masters students have access to some of the world’s leading libraries and resources, such as the British Library, as well as free lectures throughout the city. It is also a great place to find well-connected and quiet study areas, such as the work space at the Google Campus in Holborn.

When you are not studying, London is a perfect place to clear your mind and relax – 47% of the city is green space. Regent’s Park is just one of the popular London parks; a place where large open space meets characterful gardens and open water.

The city is also home to an extensive number of museums, galleries and exhibition spaces with events and activities around the year – so there is always something to do when you need a respite from studying.

Contacts and connections

London is home to some of the most successful business people and intellects in the country. If you remain open and explore the many opportunities that London offers, you may just meet your next business partner, contemporary or best friend. It is a diverse and vibrant city that offers you the ability to network and connect with new people.

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