Having the support of a dedicated library team can significantly help you to succeed in your time at university. At the Ulster University branch campus in London, our library team are friendly and always willing to help. This has been written by library assistant, James Loffler, and looks at how you can make the most of the library resources and the support offered by the team.

Library services

There is more to the library at the London branch campus than just books and journals. Study skills workshops are held by our lecturers in the library in London. These are 30 minute, one-to-one, slots where students can talk with lecturers about whatever they need additional support with. Common problems students face include referencing, undertaking research for assignments or proof-reading essays.

Study skills workshops also help students with their English skills. Topics covered include: correcting grammar and spelling, helping students put their ideas down on paper, and showing them how to write in a more academic way. Most students will need support at some point during their studies and our team are a great source of advice in this area.

What books does the library offer?

For those who prefer to read about things in their own time, there are several books available to improve your study skills. They range from A Level study guides to postgraduate, masters-level, dissertation writing. We also stock helpful books on how to deliver interesting presentations and other skills you will find useful during your studies. Some will also include quizzes and additional interactive materials to support your learning.

The library also houses lots of easy guides on how to access the most up-to-date ebooks and journals from around the world. If you are having trouble accessing the material, then our library team are always happy to help. They can also advise on what books have been recommended for your module, or guide you to similar books that may be of use. Be sure to make the most of the library team, they are useful source of information and can guide you throughout your studies.

So, even though those assignments may look daunting at first, there is a lot of help out there. If in doubt, be brave and ask for help. Tutors, Student Services, Welfare and the Library team are here to help you. Once you’ve mastered study skills, they will be with you for life. So find out what is out there and get the help you need.

Contact the library team

Tel: +44 (0)20 7656 8448
Email: library@qa.com

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