Our masters degrees give students a deeper level of understanding in their chosen subject, often enabling them to start a graduate job sooner. But what jobs can you hope to enter after completing your studies?

We take a look at some of the roles that a postgraduate degree at Ulster University London and Birmingham branch campuses can lead to.

In-House Marketing Executive

Marketing is a very fast-paced field of work. As an in-house Marketing Executive, you’ll be at the epicentre of the company, coordinating creative and promotional assets alongside other departments such as the sales and operations teams. Tasks for Marketing Executives generally include market research and digital channel management.

Skills in demand

  • Strong ability to communicate
  • Analytical mind
  • Creative outlook
  • Knowledge of current trends
  • Great with teamwork
  • Leadership qualities

Related course

Our full-time postgraduate degree, MSc Marketing, will enable you to hone your marketing and business knowledge, enabling you to reach higher in your career. The course teaches an advance study of business and management with a focus on marketing. From learning marketing theories and how to apply them, through to research project skills, this is an ideal postgraduate degree for any budding marketers.

Junior Business Development Manager

A business’s success relies heavily on the actions of its development team. This is why working as a Junior Business Development Manager is an exciting role to have.

A Junior Business Development Manager is responsible for strategic analysis within a company. By thorough research and using analytical skills with marketing and sales techniques, they will generate new leads and increase revenue.


  • Knowledge of international variations in business culture
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Analytical mind
  • Negotiation

Related course

Our full-time postgraduate degree, MSc International Business, allows you to master a breadth of international business skills, from the small to the large. That includes industry-related information on how to construct, develop and implement business theory for an international market. The course’s International New Ventures and Born Global Firms module gives you in-depth knowledge of how theories help to explain their existence and growth, making this course an ideal step towards a successful career in business development.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is tasked with helping to manage change and plan for future events that will impact a company or organisation. Business Analysts will review key data of a product, service or company’s performance and will then use this as a foundation for a plan of action that benefits the organisation.

Often handling confidential information, a Business Analyst will need discretion and integrity too.


  • Analytical
  • Strategic thinking
  • Reporting
  • Risk assessment
  • Forecasting

Related course

Our full-time postgraduate degree, Master in Business Administration, gives you the knowledge you need to boost your existing knowledge with practical information and techniques. The programme is multidisciplinary and enables you to develop a well-rounded overview of business functions. You are also introduced to international perspectives, gaining an understanding of techniques for analysing business and management problems.

The programme’s Operations Management module gives you a full understanding of how to remove costs, optimise value creation and how to reconfigure an organisation through continuous improvement. The Strategy module also feeds into a business analysis role as it encourages you to analyse the business environment to achieve business objectives. Knowledge such as this all go towards making an extremely competent and valued Business Analyst.

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