Ulster University London branch campus students put their ideas to the test in this week’s Enterprise Festival at our London campus as part of their Enterprise Development module.

Some really innovative ideas were brought to the table, from marvellous mocktails, to customisable clothing and jewellery. This was a really great opportunity for students to learn all the ins and outs of creating a business and was a novel way to get feedback from the University’s staff and students to help them to improve their ideas.

Rainbow Smoothies

These smoothies were simply delicious. Packed full of a totally tropical selection of “Caribbean” fruits, they looked appetising and professional, and tasted even better. This product could easily be found on supermarket shelves this summer.


Fizzilicious is an up and coming mocktail-making brand. Their goal is to take their new proposition directly to the streets of London where they aim to give tired city-workers an instant energy boost. The mocktails themselves looked chic, modern and cool and hit the mark.


UniCultured is a fashion brand offering fashion conscious consumers the chance to customise their clothing with unique fabrics and patterns sourced from around the world. It’s an ingenious way of upcycling clothes, effectively providing customers with a personal shopping experience to match their own style with international tastes.

Mount Levenia

A taste of Sri Lanka was offered to the Enterprise Festival go-ers, through a selection of curries made by one of the students. It was easy to find yourself in a world of Sri Lankan flavour and taste, with the food they had on offer. Taking their wonderful curries to market restaurant-style would give customers a great feel for Sri Lanka and an insight into the country’s culture.

This event was a brilliant opportunity for both students and attendees and it’s great to see so many entrepreneurial students so willing to display and promote their ideas.