Although most students at the University are over the age of 18, we welcome younger applicants who meet the qualifications required to study. We treat all our students as independent, mature adults, regardless of age, but because under-18s living in England are considered by law to be children, we have additional responsibilities towards younger students. We have therefore made special arrangements to ensure that we fulfil this duty of care.

When you arrive at our campuses, you will be contacted by the student welfare officer, who will guide you through your years at the University. You will receive appropriate pastoral care, and a range of specialist services will be available for anyone needing additional support. Please speak to the Student Welfare Team if there are any services, support or issues you would like to discuss before you arrive.

Parents and guardians

While we do all we can to support younger students through university, parents or guardians should also be aware of their responsibilities. Offers are made on the condition that parents or guardians accept that the University cannot assume parental responsibility for students under 18. At the admission stage, parents will be sent information and a contract to sign indicating they agree to their requirements.

Younger students should be aware that it is illegal for under-18s to buy or be sold alcohol or tobacco.

Parents who live overseas should nominate a UK-based guardian for any under-18 student attending the University in case of an emergency. Before the student arrives in the UK you will be contacted by our admissions department asking for these details.

If you accept a place at Ulster University’s London and Birmingham branch campuses, we will inform all the relevant departmental staff of their responsibilities to under-18s under the University’s child protection procedures, including special measures in relation to field trips or potentially hazardous activities.

QA Higher Education has a safeguarding policy for young people and vulnerable adults which is available to see on request and will be sent to the student and family at the admission stage.

Contact our Student Welfare Team

If you would like to speak to a member of our Student Welfare Team regarding any services, support or issues for under-18s, please contact us using the below email addresses depending on your chosen branch campus.

Phone: 020 7656 8420



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