As a student, the lifting of lockdown restrictions will allow you to gain a sense of normality in your student experience. Some adapted to online learning without the social element of university life, and others weren’t able to begin their studies at all – the university experience has been disrupted.

However, with the final step in the UK government’s four-step roadmap provisionally set to be in place on July 19th 2021, it’s time to get thinking about your personal journey out of lockdown. Here are some ideas that we think you should consider:

Be social

Socialising has been limited online so now is your chance to change this. Many events take place at the Ulster University London and Birmingham campuses – as well as various societies for everyone to get involved in. By attending different events you will meet more students like yourself, making it easier to expand your social circle with new friends.


The UK may have changed significantly in the past year. Some venues have closed, transport links have changed, and things may not all be as they once were. Therefore, it’s important to do your research beforehand. On the other hand, however, it does provide a lot of new opportunities. New restaurants, entertainment venues, and socialising opportunities are now available – your chance to try something new.

Stay safe and sensible

Restrictions may be easing but the threat of Covid-19 has not disappeared. Be sure to continue to stick to restrictions where required, including wearing face masks in venues and washing hands regularly. Fortunately, this final stage is due to take place in the heart of the British summer, presenting opportunities to socialise in the sun and fresh air.

Keep your work-life balance

Don’t let your excitement to restart your social life compromise your study and personal responsibilities. Create a balanced schedule that allows enough time for everything that you need to do. If you need assistance with this, get in touch with our Student Support teams who are more than happy to help.

Do what’s best for you

Your personal preference and comfort are more important than socialising, so it is important to take things at your own pace. There is no rush so do not let the pressures of society put you into a situation that you are not comfortable in.

These are just a few pieces of advice that we can provide. In addition, you should ensure you follow the government guidance in place and our campus advice that can be seen on our website.